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comms status: [waitlist open for summer 2023!]
By requesting a commission you agree that you have reviewed my Terms of Service!
Please have reference images prepared :) I need more than written descriptors please!


note: price may change depending on complexity of character/animation!
☆ small or excess details may need to be omitted or heavily simplified
interested in art not listed like panels, stream alerts, etc.? message me!

☆ drawn on a 28x28 canvas; gifs for 56x56 and 110x110 included
☆ current animation options (as shown): breakdancing, nodding/jamming

☆ looping animation of fullbody character
☆ +$5 for other simple idle animations (i.e . sparkles, hearts, etc.)
☆ you will get: transparent gif and solid color bg versions

☆ includes looping idle animation (7-10 frames) and simple background
☆ +$15 for detailed background
☆ drawn on a 64x64 canvas and scaled up

STREAM ALERTS (coming soon!)


these work for both subscriber and bit cheerer badges!badges (unique drawing): $20 each, every third badge after is $15
badges (minor differences/recolors): $15 each + $13 per variation
Each badge includes 3 PNG image sizes





PRE-MADE PACKSready to use!
get them here!


$80-$125 for one base avatar spritesheet
includes 5 actions (idle, run, sit, stand, jump )

+$15-20 per additional custom animation (i.e. cat loaf, sleep, dance, attack)

+$35 per shape/pattern variation
note: Stream Avatars has its own built-in palette editor for color swaps

☆ (all prices may change based on complexity, such as more legs/tails/etc or editing accessories for custom animations) ☆
please note that intended use of my stream avatar art in SUBSCRIBER-ONLY mode or other cases where you may receive profit in exchange for using an avatar on your stream (ie selling accessories for bits/real money), you may be subject to a fee of 100% of the original total price.


- All prices listed in $USD. I currently accept: Stripe / Paypal
- I require 100% payment upfront to confirm your order before I begin working on your commission
- If payment is not made in a timely manner (72h) after a price is agreed upon and I have sent an invoice, the commission will be cancelled unless I give an extension
- I will initiate the transaction to avoid accidental transactions. Please don't send me any kind of payment until I have confirmed I can accept your commission AND have asked for payment
- Prices listed are for the main intended usage of art. Stream Avatar art files may only be used with the Stream Avatars software, Twitch badge/emote/panel art may only be used as badges/emotes/panels, etc. Please discuss with me beforehand if you are interested in other commercial usage, such as merch.
- You reserve the right to set a deadline for your commission. This deadline must be disclosed prior to payment
- I have the right to refuse a commission for reasons including but not limited to: I will not be able to finish within a specific deadline; I do not feel confident I can draw a quality product of your character(s)
- All commissions are non-refundable unless I have not started working on it yet two weeks after payment OR I cannot finish within the agreed upon deadline
- I reserve the right to refund you the full amount paid if I can no longer work on your project for any reason
- Please have reference images/gifs prepared! Due to the nature of pixel art and the small canvas i use, excess details may need to be omitted or extremely simplified :') thank you for your understanding!
- I have the right to live-stream the commission process or share progress WIPs; please let me know if this is not okay while confirming your order!
- General turnaround time depends on your position on my waitlist queue but you can expect finished art after 4-6 weeks; feel free to check the status of things here!
- You reserve the right to be notified of any delays
- After the base drafts have been approved, I will only accept minor revision requests unless I have made an error (i.e. missing accessories, wrong eye color, etc.)
- In the absence of feedback from the customer 2 weeks after an order is delivered, any changes to the final art will be subject to a fee.
- You may not claim my art as your own, reproduce or make merch using my art, distribute my art for others to freely use/edit, heavily reference/copy/trace my art, or resell my art
- I require credit by name, link, or tagging me (https://jelleeshop.carrd.co/, Twitch: jelleebun, Twitter @jelleebun) if you post or use my art on your social media or streams; direct tags or links are preferred (I promise you won't be spamming/bothering me :))
- I don't allow any of my art being used for anything related to NFTs in any way
- I do not allow my art to be used for AI purposes and alike. Please do not upload it to any AI sites as this could compromise my artwork

- You may not edit, trace, or modify my art without my permission
- I have the right to post your finished commission with a watermark on any of my social media sites and/or portfolio
- Requesting fanart stream avatars or emotes means you have read this and allow me the rights to redistribute/re-sell them as stream assets. I will not attempt to exactly replicate art of existing copyrighted characters (i.e. BOTW koroks, Pokemon, Genshin slimes, etc). This can be negotiated if there is some personal creative customization included.
- Requesting custom accessories of props from existing media for your customs avatar design is fine! (example: korok masks for your custom-designed stream mascot).
- The total commission price may be discounted for the client requesting fanart that may be redistributed, such as in the scenario above.

Thank you so much for your interest <3 !!!
note: I am also open to working on commissions types not listed here on a case-by-case basis! ie. panels, overlays, stream alerts, etc
For inquiries or general questions feel free to contact me by email at [email protected] or direct message me on Twitter @glitchbun

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